Medical Cost Sharing


You’ve Got an Incredible Team

Give them incredible healthcare.

Many small to medium-sized businesses have an amazing product and a wonderful team to top it off but cannot afford the quality of healthcare they want to give their employees. The McMahon Group has partnered with Sedera who offers an innovative and effective alternative to insurance that solves this common problem.

Inspired by today’s sharing economy, Sedera offers a refreshingly different approach to manage large healthcare expenses. Sedera members commit to a healthy lifestyle and to sharing one another’s medical burdens. In doing so, they are able to save on costs without compromising quality. Leave the hassles of insurance behind and enjoy:

    • Freedom from networks
    • Price transparency
    • Significantly lower costs
    • Caring community

What Is Medical Cost Sharing?

Instead of paying monthly premiums to an insurance company, members share a given amount on a monthly basis and draw from community funds as medical Needs arise.

Monthly shares are generally lower than typical insurance premiums. Through Sedera’s medical cost sharing model, members save between 30 – 50% of the costs that are typically incurred with health insurance plans.

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