Small to Medium Employers

One struggle we often hear about from our small business clients is having such a small group that they can’t afford to offer health insurance to their employees, which makes finding and retaining talent a challenge. Thanks to our partnership with Sedera, we are able to provide a comprehensive wellness solution that will help small businesses attract and retain top talent.

With Sedera, you are free from networks, receive price transparency for medical procedures, enjoy significantly lower costs WITHOUT compromising quality, and become part of a compassionate community.

When you partner Sedera with a {Direct Primary Care} provider, you have a complete healthcare solution for your small business.

What does changing from a traditional group health insurance plan to Sedera do for you as an employer? Most groups will see a 30%-70% savings over a traditional insurance carrier. For example, one of our clients with 14 employees saved $99,600 a year by changing to Sedera, which enabled that business owner to give their staff bonuses and pay raises.

Employees are thrilled to have less payroll deduction with higher value healthcare, virtually no out of pocket co-pays or deductibles, as well as higher wages through partnering with their employer to make healthy business decisions for their company’s benefit program. This is a win-win for the employer and employees alike.


Do we have your attention? The McMahon Group would love to get to know you and your company and allow you to have the most refreshing conversation you have ever had with your staff about their healthcare.